Suicide Spenders (2019)


Could the solution to all of your problems be found in a single, wild, impulsive week? Six young misfits from Jersey City, New Jersey think so in Suicide Spenders, an upcoming dramedy series in which Heathers meets The Breakfast Club. 

Sixteen-year-old Anya’s new high school support group takes an unexpected turn after she meets a quirky group of troublemakers. The Suicide Spenders—half suicide pact, half social experiment—is born. Their seven-day scheme is seemingly perfect, but unforeseen consequences lay on the horizon.

Featuring new music from See Plus

Writer & Director: Reyhan Lalaoui

Starring: Reyhan Lalaoui; Stephanie Korley; Faith Riscoe; Tucker Rodriguez; Aman Mahmood and Daniel Safanova – find out more about the cast here.

Director of Photography: Reid Petro

Sound: Tom Lino and Jon Moore

Lighting: Kiel Perez